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Based in Kalamazoo, Dr. Jones is an active educator and has a select, vibrant clarinet studio at home. A passionate educator and pedagogue, he teaches students of all ages including a number of high school and middle school students. His students have regularly received high marks and praise at All-Region and Solo/Ensemble contests. Dr. Jones' students also participate in various summer programs in the Midwest region.

Dr. Jones takes great joy in sharing techniques for achieving greater expression and musicality. He has a passion for encouraging and guiding students of all ages to become more confident in their abilities, which in turn encourages a sense of self-awareness and independence in clarinet playing and musicianship. This confidence increases when students are secure in the fundamentals of playing. Dr. Jones spends a large portion of lessons building technique and style through a carefully crafted, rigorous plan that includes scales, long tones, and repertoire suited for the level of each student.

Dr. Jones' teaching style is greatly influenced by his tutelage with his major teachers - Dan Gilbert, Chad Burrow, and Richard Shanley. His approach to clarinet tone and color, execution of articulation, and artistic musical expression account for a holistic approach in attaining absolute mastery over the instrument. As an ever-growing professional, Dr. Jones continues to explore  and research effective methods of teaching artistry to his students.

Currently, Dr. Jones is accepting clarinet students for admission into his private studio. For more information, please click the link below.

Studio Teaching: Bio
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